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25 years ago Canada recognized Slovenia as an independent country

On January 15, 2017, it has been 25 years since Slovenia was recognized as an independent state by the European Community and by most of its member states. According to Slovenia Weekly:"This was a milestone in the integration of this young state into the global landscape of the international community, which reached its peak when Slovenia was accepted into the United Nations on 22 May 1992, becoming the 176th member of this global organization. This opened the door for recognitions, which began pouring in from all over the world. Chroniclers have found that multiple factors in Slovenia and the international circumstances of the time contributed to the relatively prompt recognition. Therefore, international recognition meant that Slovenia was able to embark on its own independent European journey."


To some extent it was understandable that first recognitions came from European countries, but Slovenia was anticipating more - that also countries from other continents would accept new political circumstances in Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall. We kept close and intense communication with politicians of many of these countries, but perhaps predominantly those with Slovenian diaspora. People who once lived in Slovenia, or their descendants, were our best advocates, who were able to spread the message that the centuries-long dream of Slovenians came true. It's of great importance that Slovenian diaspora in Canada was among the most active, and successfully presented our cause. The result of these efforts was that Canada was the first "overseas country" that recognized Slovenian independance on 15 January 1992. The letter of recognition by Prime Minister Mulroney was sent on 23 January. After 25 years this milestone may fade away a bit, but as an important historic move can never be forgotten and will always connect people of Slovenia and Canada and strengthening their friendship.



  1. Mulroney letter - letter of Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney to Slovenian President Kučan informing him about recognition of Slovenia on 15 January 1992
  2. Slo 3 & 4: Celebration of Canadian recognition of Slovenia at Brown's Line Church Hall in Toronto - by Slovenian Historic Society Toronto
  3. Slo 2: Slovenian community gathered at Toronto City Hall in support of Slovenian independence, photo by Ugovšek

Mulroney letter

 Slo 3 

Slo 4

Slo 2