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Visiting Slovenia

Slovenia is known for many wonders including the Alps, caves, wine tours, old cities, castles, and spas. Please follow the links and begin your journey to a beautiful country at the heart of Europe.

Did you know that Slovenia:

  • Has the oldest grape vine in the world…
  • Has the second largest cave complex in the world, only Arizona in America is larger…
  • The first Slav state of Karantanija which is located in Slovenia has a democratic government in the 7th century...
  • Has one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world…

There are many facts that will surprise you about our country and we look forward to your visit! To see more of our country or to take a virtual tour, please follow the links below:

We are looking forward to welcoming Canadians and others to visit our beautiful country.

Air Travel

Slovenia's national carrier Adria Airways offers regular schedule flights to most major European cities. Ljubljana is linked to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, London, Dublin, Manchester, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Moscow, Split, Skopje, Sarajevo, and others.

Road Travel

You can reach Slovenia via one of the border crossings with Italy, Austria, Hungary or Croatia, or you can rent a car in one of our car rental agencies. Please make sure that you carry a driver's licence, registration and insurance documents at all times. All these documents must be originals. Check the validity of your driving licence.

Toll stickers/Vignettes: Please note that toll stickers are mandatory for all vehicles under 3.5 tones weight. Slovenian motorways can be used with weekly, monthly and yearly vignettes, and half-year vignette, valid with motorcycles only. Vignettes can be purchased at petrol stations in Slovenia and neighbouring countries, at offices of the national motoring organisation and foreign motoring organisations, at post offices in Slovenia and at some news kiosks. For more information consult the list of points of sale. For more information on the vignette toll system visit our toll roads operator – DARS d.d. -  web sites (www.dars.si).

Rail Travel

Almost every important tourist destination is served by modern and comfortable trains. Connections abroad are also excellent: you can come to Slovenia on direct lines from  Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Serbia. Train travel is convenient and inexpensive. For more information please visit the Slovenian Railway webpage http://www.slo-zeleznice.si/en/passengers

Maritime Travel

Vessels arriving in the territorial waters of Slovenia from abroad may land only at the docks of the international border crossings in Koper, Piran and in Izola (seasonal border crossing). For more information please visit: STO: Maritime Travel