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In order to encourage mobility and exchanges of youth, to enhance excellence of post-secondary institutions and non-governmental organizations and to strengthen competitiveness of businesses, the Republic of Slovenia and Canada have established a Youth Mobility Program.

The Program allows young Canadians and Slovenians, age 18 to 35, to travel to the other country for up to a year. Under the Agreement, individuals within the following 3 categories may benefit from this program:

a) Young citizens, including post-secondary graduates, who intend to obtain further remunerated training in the host country under a pre-arranged contract of employment in support of their career development;
b) Registered students of a post-secondary institution in their home country who intend to complete part of their academic curriculum in the host country by undertaking a pre-arranged, mandatory and remunerated internship or work placement, including an arrangement between post-secondary institutions;
c) Young citizens, including registered students in their home country, who intend to travel in the host country and who wish to obtain remunerated employment in order to supplement their financial resources.

Young Canadians who wish to participate under this Agreement must apply through the Embassy of Slovenia. The following requirements must be attained in order to be eligible:

a) Be between the ages of 18 and 35 inclusively on the date the application is received by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia;

b) Be a Canadian citizen holding a Canadian passport with a period of validity exceeding the expected duration of stay under this Agreement;

c) Be in possession of a departure ticket or sufficient financial resources to purchase such a ticket and have proof of the financial resources necessary to cover the expenses involved at the beginning of their stay in the territory of Slovenia;

d) Not be accompanied by dependants;

e) Agree to take out appropriate insurance for health care, including hospitalization and repatriation for the duration of their authorized stay, prior to their entry in the territory of the other Party;

f) As the case may be:

i. Demonstrate that you have obtained a pre-arranged contract of employment,

ii. Provide documentation proving registration at a post-secondary institution in Canada and demonstrate that you have obtained a pre-arranged internship or work placement in Slovenia,

iii. Confirm your intention to travel in the territory of Slovenia with the possibility of obtaining remunerated employment to supplement financial resources;

g) Meet any other conditions required for foreigners to enter the host country resulting from its legislation, not already set out in the above mentioned sub-paragraphs a) to f);

h) Pay the current application or participation fees and any relevant visa fees (118 CAD for visa D and 107 CAD for work permit, if applying also for work permit; to be sent as a money order together with the visa application).

Canadian citizens may benefit from the application of the Agreement up to a maximum of two times provided that each time falls under a different category (as mentioned above) and that there is an adjournment between each journey. The duration of each stay shall not exceed one year.

Eligible Canadian citizens will receive visa type D with a validity of one (1) year. The required form for the visa application can be found here. In addition, a form for personal work permit must to be signed and sent along with the visa application. This form can be found here (please click here for help on how to fill out the form).

The Embassy would advise the applicants to state specific/exact dates of arrival (point 29 in the visa application form) as the visa and the work permit will be valid from that day on for 12 months.

Eligible Canadian citizens must pick up the personal work permit at the Employment office of the Republic of Slovenia (“Zavod za zaposlovanje Republike Slovenije), Dunajska cesta 20, Ljubljana. These individuals will also receive a copy of their work permit along with their visa, however, in order to legally work in Slovenia he/she must pick up the original.

Canadian citizens who are benefiting from the application of this Agreement are subject to the laws and regulations enforced in Slovenia, particularly with regard to the practice of regulated professions.

The Agreement for the Youth Mobility Program may be found here. For other relevant information regarding the life and work in Slovenia please click here.