Embassy of the RS Ottawa /Consular Affairs /Certificate for transferring remains /

The following documentation needs to be sent to the Embassy for issuing a certificate for transferring remains of your loved one (“Laissez-passer mortuaire”) to the Republic of Slovenia:

- passport of the deceased (Slovenian or Canadian)
- Statement of Death (in Ontario form 15)
- Medical Certificate of Death (in Ontario form 16)
- Permit from authorized agency of the country where death occurred for transferring the remains abroad (only in case when the remains are not cremated)
- Letter of Contents (issues Funeral Home) and Certificate of Cremation (issues Funeral   Home) - in cases of cremation
- Confirmation letter from Slovenian Funeral Institution confirming the Place of Burial
- In case you need it urgently please also send us a prepaid envelope (for example Fedex with your address on it).

 The consular fee is 20 CAD and it can be paid either in cash, check or money order payable to Embassy of Slovenia.