Embassy of the RS Ottawa /Consular Affairs /Certificate for transferring remains /

The following documentation must be sent to the Embassy in order to issue a certificate for transferring remains of loved ones (“Laissez-passer mortuaire”) from Canada to the Republic of Slovenia:

- passport of the deceased (Slovenian or Canadian)
- Statement of Death (in Ontario form 15)
- Medical Certificate of Death (in Ontario form 16)
- Permit from authorized agency of the country where death occurred for transferring the remains abroad (only in case when the remains are not cremated)
- Letter of Contents and Certificate of Cremation issued by the Funeral  Home - in cases of cremation
- Confirmation letter from Slovenian Funeral Institution confirming the Place of Burial
- In urgent cases, please include a prepaid envelope (ex. Fedex) with your address indicated.

 The consular fee is 20 CAD and it must be paid either by cash or money order payable to Embassy of Slovenia.